"Very positive! I feel like the skills and information I learned will be essential in helping to manage my anger more effectively."

"I came into the class very hesitant due to the 'faith-based' curriculum, but I really felt like my personal beliefs were respected."


"I found the workshop deeply informative and interesting.....the material was presented in an easy to follow and engaging is evident you have vast experience in this type of group class.....I would encourage everyone to take your helped me to realize my own 'personal power' so I can have control in any situation."

"I learned a great deal, especially about myself....I feel better prepared and less likely to mismanage my anger."

"It was very positive, very impressive. I have learned more about my self and my life in two days then I have in 50 years!"



"This workshop was an eye opening experience. It helped me to see where changes needed to be in my handling of issues."

"My overall experience was great....allot of important information that explains how to go through situations in a better way."

"Enlightening, well put well for anyone. I would recommend this class to my peers and family."

"I found the class informative and appreciated the interactive format as well as the small group setting."

"I had a great experience at this workshop. The learning environment was very comfortable. The instructor was great and knowledgeable. The food was great - I was stuffed!"

"Very professional, well organized, helpful and informative. This class is well worth the time and money!"

"It is definitely worth the time and money. Phil is a great teacher and he gets right to the points of everything!"

"A great learning experience!"



"Go to this workshop! It is worth it!"

"It was really eye-opening to see all the different aspects of anger explained."

"It was a very welcoming and easy place to speak your mind....It was very informative and actually fun!"

"This course is well worth taking if you are honest with yourself! It is easy to absorb!"

"I had a great time in this class. Phil is a great teacher......go for it!"

"This was a very good workshop! Topics were presented in a logical order.......the instruction concerning active listening was particularly important for my relationships. If you know you have anger issues, take this course before you are ordered to do so by a court!"

"This workshop will change your life!"

"Great class; thank you for a wonderful couple of days Rev. open for a life changing workshop."

"If you are looking for a class on healing from life's difficulties, take this class!"

"My overall experience was fun and very helpful!"

"Very helpful! Don't delay getting help!"

"I highly recommend this class. May even be good to do it along with a partner or spouse."

"It was extremely insightful and helpful, a lot to think about. I recommend Pastor Phil."

"I enjoyed sitting down with other people who have somewhat similar anger situations I have."

"Great teacher! Shows you a lot of what you didn't know about yourself."

"I learned a lot about the human brain - what makes you tick, what damage you do to your body with bad thoughts."

"I enjoyed the workshop. The content was very relevant. Pastor Phil did a wonderful job with presenting the modules....I liked the group exercises and the numerous examples given. I will be leaving the class with many good take aways of how to better manage my anger....I am confident this will make me a better husband, father and person."

"It was an awesome workshop, full of lessons everyone should learn."

"I enjoyed the structure and organization of this course......go in with an open mind and try and listen to the strategies taught."

"I learned a lot about myself, it really opened my eyes to my own it, it's actually not that bad!"

"This class will take a weight off your shoulders for sure!"



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